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Friday, November 25, 2005

Small (Illustration Friday)

(click on "Small (Illustration Friday)" for larger pic). This is from a memory of taking an "air taxi" from Juneau to Glacier Bay and being terrified because the plane was so small and the mountains we were going through were so huge. I'd never been so terrified or felt so tiny in my life. The view was spectacular, but I kept thinking, "this is the part in the movie where the plane crashes and there are no survivors."


Twisselman said...

Really like the texture in the sky and the bold blues on the glaciers. Very nice.

carla said...

This has a great composition and excellent use of color. It certainly conveys that small and scared feeling you describe in your totally looks like the plane carsh part of the movie! Really well done:>

carla said...

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rocket said...

I made the same trip 4 years ago! I felt very small among the glacias too. Its really well depicted. I love your blues and the plane. So nice.

Tony LaRocca said...

I like the curvey wings, like it's a butterfly with a propeller.

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