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Friday, November 04, 2005

It's like Christmas came early this year!

A few weeks ago I bought my cats a designer cat tree. I figured they needed and would enjoy one, and I finally found one that I wouldn't be too embarrassed to have in my apartment. I spent a lot of money for this, but I figured it was worth it since it was so cool looking and the cats would love it.

Well it came via Fedex yesterday and I set it up. They seem to be enjoying it so far...

In fact, they are so thankful to me for getting them this generous and thoughtful gift, they decided to give me a gift in return...


LDahl said...

Aren't you the lucky Kitty mama?
:))) Beautiful cat-house, very funny picture!! Wheee!

merlinprincesse said...

So funny! This mouse, this was a gift from them to you ya know? Cats do that. And wow! for the cat's playing ground! My cats play in boxes and bags... You cans see them at Love your blog.

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