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Monday, October 31, 2005

"Broken" - Illustration Friday

Can you tell that I am not in love with my current job?


Tony Sarrecchia said...

LOL...I think this illo is destined for for office cubicals everywhere. Great job.

Natura said...

:) I've feel (feel or felt? Sorry with my english)the same. Thanks god I'm not anymore.

Very nice work!

The Unknown said...

I often want to throw my pc out the window. Great illo.

Catnapping said...

lol. Tony's right. that image is gonna start showing up in offices all across america.

Holly said...

I have a friend that can relate to this. Great idea for the theme. Well done.

Rich said...

This is another classic; I love it!
That scene is all too familiar to many people, myself included.
I sacrificed much salary to NOT do that scene anymore.

Great job, you could be a career counselor or motivational speaker!

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