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Saturday, December 31, 2005

"Flavor" - Illustration Friday


aynaku said...

hi suzy, I'm happy to hear that you enjoy my blog...Actually yours is quite fine as well, you don't need to be jealous :0
ciao, happy new year

ValGalArt said...

this has great colours and shapes and it is fun!

ValGalArt said...

thank you suzy! that is so cool! your neighbors must be whimsical and fun people! I wonder what possessed them to make this? For children to play in? It is just wonderful! Thank You so much for sending it to me!!!

carla said...

I love it...the food is fake along with the spelling! What the heck is "cheeze fud" anyway? Orange stuff made from something or other...yech! Good job:>

Twisselman said...

Cool illustration. Think I'll take my 'fud' in a different form. Missed seeing your 'holiday' entry. Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year.

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