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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

St. Jarlath's

I was looking for photos of the elementary school I attended (St. Jarlath Catholic School in Oakland) and this is what came up on google:

...funny thing is that is how I picture it. From the POV of the drinking fountain.


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Tom said...

Hi Suzy,
I also attended St. Jarlath's, Class of 1960. We had a class reunion there in October and noticed there were no basketball hoops on the playground and the principal, Kathy Capra, said it was on their wish list to get them back. I called Al Attles of the Warriors (I knew him when I wrote for the Oakland Tribune) and it looks like the Warriors are going to resurface the court and put the hoops back up. The school is hurting financially even though it recently had a new boiler donated so they have heat, and had a tuition donation to add new students. Several of the people from my class have made donations. If you can drum up any help, please call Kathy Capra at (510) 532-4387.
Thanks, Tom LaMarre

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