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Friday, July 07, 2006

Skyline (Illustration Friday)


claudine hellmuth said...

I love this! Has a nice J.W.Turner feel to it.

hey and I thought it was over 5 cats makes a crazy cat lady, so you still have two more to go ;)

Suzy said...

I think it depends on the size of your house. If you are in a studio apartment 3 more than qualifies you. Luckily I have a 2 bedroom apartment now. But being crazy and having cats can qualify one as well.

Thanks for the comments!

Kayleen Stewart said...

Suzy. i really like this one. Everything about it.

Sioux said...

What a wonderful illustration. I LOVE it!

Jana Bouc said...

This is beautiful and evocative. A feast for the eyes.

carla said...

This is wonderfully atmospheric...very nice!

Stacia said...

Beatifully rendered...I like the warm colors and painterly feel.

gabrielmachado said...

I like this composition.
Thanks for the visit on my blog!

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